How to Make Electric Jar Candle Lamps

 Creating a lamp from a canning jar could be a easy afternoon project. Once finished, your lamp are good for several gift-giving occasions. Since all the electrical elements square measure connected to the lid, the within of the jar is simply waiting to be full of something from potpourri to buttons. maybe your sister loves the beach; fill her jar with sand, shells and ocean glass. perhaps your mother likes to sew; place spools of coloured thread in her jar.

Materials that we will need :

-Canning jar lamp kit
-Glass jar
-Light bulb
-Lamp shade

Manufacturing method  :

1-Check to make sure the lid from the lamp kit fits on the jar. Mason jars are available in totally different sizes, and you wish a definite match that the lamp will not collapse.

2-Fill the jar with something you wish--except liquid, attributable to the electrical elements. If what you fill the jar with is extraordinarily lightweight, place one thing significant like sand or a rock within the center of the jar. this may keep the jar lamp from falling over because of the burden of the electrical assembly.

3-Screw the lid with connected electrical assembly onto the jar.

4-If you'd sort of a shade on your lamp, purchase atiny low 8-inch shade. Screw the bulb in to carry the shade on.

5-Check to form positive the jar lamp doesn't rock or tilt to the aspect. If this will happen, add a lot of weight within the base.

6-Plug the lamp in, and switch it on to check.
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